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Sunday, December 12, 2010

nothing precious than my home and family

Assalamualaikum wm..

Well I would to introduce u all with my home sweet home..
                                                                         my home

The pic quite blurr becoz my cam having a little lens problem..I live at rural area & its give me something that I really thankful, my family, friends and my home itself.  Around my house there is a lot of flora that can be found and mostly are vegetables, fruits, and also some flowers. Here are the list of my green plants :
  • pumpkin
  • rambutan
  • limau bali
  • mango
  • limau manis
  • serai
  • durian belanda
  • durian
  • kelapa pandan
  • kelapa kuning
  • jambu air
  • kedondong
  • pisang
  • cempedak
  • buah putat (a kind of vegetables)
  • pegaga gajah
  • terung pipit
  • peria katak
  • dragon fruit
  • cili
  • kucai
  • ciku
  • keladi
  • n...many more
Alhamdullilah...so when my cousins @ aunt @ uncle come with their family, we have somethings to share with them. And the most fruit that become their choice is limau bali ( actually I'm not eat that fruit and also ciku). This short sem break I really having fun with my mom by spending time together in fishing. But its quite disappointed becoz this not  the season of fishing. My mom make 'pekasam' and sometimes 'ikan kering' ( I only like pekasam)..So, let have a look whats around my house..

                                                                       ikan pekasam

                                                                     kacang kelisa

                                                                   pokok sukun

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